What's New


  • Fixes a layout issue when adding a transaction on an iPad


  • Fixes the aspect ratio of the icon in the watchlist card
  • Fixes a minor issue with the percentage on the dashboard income card
  • Fixes an issue where a credit card balance may show “-$0.00” when the balance is paid in full


  • Fixes a minor bug with the map pins
  • Small adjustments to the scroll indicators in some places
  • Fixes a bug where the done button might not show above the keyboard


  • Removes the Get Premium button from the tab screens if not subscribed
  • Adds new category icons


  • Adds a new dashboard card that shows income by category or payee
  • Improves the transaction list UI/UX on the payee, category, and tag detail screens
  • Press and hold on a transaction to see a pop-up menu of available actions
  • Improves matching payee during transaction sync


  • Fixes an issue where transfers already linked would show up in the selection list
  • Adds the ability to either link an existing transaction or select an account for unlinked transfers


  • Updates the net worth explanation
  • Fixes an issue where the search text did not transfer to the create payee screen
  • Disables the transaction refresh button when an iCloud sync is in progress


  • Fixes a potential crash when creating a budget with a custom period
  • Fixes a rare crash when syncing transactions


  • Removes the parent name from the watchlist title
  • Fixes a rare location search bug
  • Fixes an issue with the checkboxes when creating a manual account


  • Fixes an issue where the “Syncing with iCloud” label might prematurely disappear during the initial iCloud sync
  • Improves transaction search results
  • Other minor bug fixes


  • Adds a row of cards to the Dashboard displaying useful metrics. For example, see how many days of cash you have given your average daily expense
  • If you’re using an iPad with a trackpad, you can now two-finger press instead of swiping on rows
  • General UI/UX fixes


  • A new app icon for your eyes to enjoy
  • Improvements to iPad UI/UX
  • Adds a transaction count to Payee, Category, and Tag rows when viewing from the More tab
  • Moved the transaction type selection when entering a transaction
  • CSV export update — removes the semicolon separator if a single tag
  • General UI/UX updates


  • Full iOS 17 support
  • Updated the look and feel when adding a Payee or Tag
  • Under-the-hood improvements to get ready for something special


  • Introducing transaction filters! Select between various filters to quickly find what you’re looking for
  • Updates where excluded transactions are recognized
  • Improves the look of light account colors
  • Various minor bug fixes


  • You can now create custom colors for Accounts and Categories
  • Adds the ability to merge Payees
  • Fixes an issue where some category icons would not show on the split transaction screen
  • Income transactions are no longer included in budgets


  • The Dashboard tab has been completely redesigned bringing graphs, card views, and more. Additional graphs and UI tweaks will happen over the next several releases.
  • You can now add individual payees, categories, and tags to a watchlist. This is helpful if you want to keep an eye on how much you’re spending, but don’t want to create an entire budget for. Items that you choose to watch will appear on their own card on the dashboard.
  • If you can’t find what you’re looking for when searching for a payee, category, or tag, you can now jump into creating the item with one tap.
  • Theme enhancements — you can now select between light, dark, or based on your system settings.
  • Other minor UI fixes and improvements.


  • Bank sync!